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Экскурсии и интересные поездки по Коста Бланка.

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Selling price : 320 000 €
Bedrooms : 3 Living space : 99 m²

Advantages : Гараж - Garage, Бассейн - Pool, Мебель - Furniture, Вторые руки - Used
Selling price : 169 900 €
Bedrooms : 3 Living space : 80 m²

Advantages : Мебель - Furniture, Вторые руки - Used
Selling price : 137 000 €
Bedrooms : 2 Living space : 57 m²

Advantages : Гараж - Garage, Бассейн - Pool, Мебель - Furniture, Вторые руки - Used
Selling price : 174 900 €
Bedrooms : 4

Advantages : Мебель - Furniture, Вторые руки - Used
Selling price : 699 900 €
Bedrooms : 4 Living space : 128 m²

Advantages : Гараж - Garage, Мебель - Furniture, Вторые руки - Used


Agencia Inmobiliaria “Ntmar”

c/ Roberto Koch 2-N, 03183,

Torrevieja, (Alicante)

WhatsApp. Viber.Mov.

(+34) 676 473 852

Rusia (+7) 988 161 00 05


Полный комплекс услуг по обслуживанию любой вашей недвижимости. Решение бытовых проблем. Электрика. Сантехника. Мастер на все руки.

Недвижимость в Испании, Коста Бланка , (c) 2011
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Our company NTMAR – leader in sector of buying and selling of real estate. We devote ourselves to look, verify, manage the process of buying and selling of the building that you choose. To buy, to sell, rent of all kinds of building both in new work and in the second-hand sector, commercial places, all types of areas and rustic farms, and, of course, business all kinds.

We help him to realize all kinds of reform for its house, starting of a small work and up to the finished construction of the mansion of its sleep. We receive him in the airport, lodge him well in the hotel, or in apartment with alertness 24h. We have the service of independent interpreter / lawyer. We can choose all kinds of building as its wished criteria and also we can choose the financing that better adapts itself to its needs. We can open mortgage so much for the residents of Spain as for those who it are not.

We guarantee the seriousness, confidentiality, responsibility, operation capacity, reliability, dealing personal and qualified for all the clients.

Buying the building in Spain you and its relatives have a right to remain both in Spain and in all the countries of Agreement of Schengen 180 days a year.

Geographical situation

The region of Alicante is placed in the center of the Mediterranean coast, with its spectacular beaches, and its famous white sand. The existence of the international airport of Alicante allows him to come to Spain with a direct flight from Moscow or another airport and visit one of the nicest places of the country. In a train of high speed they can come to Madrid or to Barcelona at approximately 4 hours and return the same day with a few very nice memories.


The city of Torrevieja is placed in the south of the Costa Blanca and to some 35km. of the International Airport of Alicante. Placed entity the Mediterranean Sea and Lagos of Sal Torrevieja has a spectacular climate because:

  • A.) More than 320 days a year it is sunny, that does not happen in any other part of the country.
  • B.) The baths period starts 1 month earlier and ends 1-2 months later than in other places of Spain.
  • C.) The multitude of golf courses, trips in ships, diving, fishing and this is not quite what we can offer them. The above mentioned activities can enrich its stay in the country. The presence of numerous sanatoria with thermal waters can strengthen its health and that of its nervous system.

The sea, air, lakes of salt, fishing, beaches of white sand – all that is alone a part of the service that we can offer them. Many holidays and carnivals that are celebrated constantly in Torrevieja are made unforgettable to them and you will spend unforgettable moments in Spain.

Every place in the Costa Blanca is individual, and each one attracts of different form. Its peoples are very modern but the ancient buildings and the modern ones are located of form much harmonica. Many Russian shops, newspapers in Russian, orthodox churches make them feel as in Russia.

In conclusion: Costa Blanca is one of the places most recommended for the acquisition of the building. So that you could invest its money and receive benefits constantly.